COVID-19 Response

At Fresh Flow Water, we are highly committed to the health and safety of our customers, business partners, employees and the surrounding communities we serve. With this in mind, we are implementing some temporary measures at our refill station to ensure our customer and staff safety.

  • As of August 18, 2022, we have continued our repair and installation services. We advise that only 1 member of the household be present at the time. Face masks MUST be worn at all times. We will sanitize all touched surfaces before and after the service. All members of the household must show no symptoms of COVID-19. All COVID-19 symptoms are listed on the Government of Canada's website:
  • For our water delivery services, water will only be delivered outside your front porch or lobby to maintain social distancing. You will be contacted through phone or email upon arrival. 
  • At our refill station, our staff will be regularly wiping down frequently touched surfaces (door handle, counter's...etc) throughout the day.
  • Customers are no longer required to wear a face mask at our refill station. Additionally, only three customers are allowed at a time.

Thank you for your trust in us; we truly value you and remain focused on serving you. If there will be any more changes to our operations, we will keep you updated in a timely manner.