22 Years of Nurturing Water

Since 1999, Fresh Flow Water has been committed to providing fresh, clean and safe water all over Canada. We believe that every living thing deserves to drink good water. Our love for water drives us to produce high quality drinking water centered around people and the environment. Our hope is for every person to experience the benefits our water brings and grow a deeper understanding of water in its entirety.


Our vision is to become a trusted world leader in the provision of water and environmental services which will empower people, protect the environment and enhance sustainable development. 


Our mission is to provide clean, safe and sustainable water treatment solutions to Canadians through expertise and innovation.


“Growing up, we did not have access to clean water"

Living in the Philippines made it difficult for us to get access to clean water. At an early age, we saw the impact water had on people's health. When we witnessed people get sick because of the toxic pollutants in the water, we knew that we had to do something about it. We decided to start this business because of our desire to help others live healthy lives. Our hope is to be a part of people's journey towards healthy living and to inspire others to pursue healthy living as well. 


Fresh Flow Water Store is a proud member of the Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA). Since 1956, the Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA) has been the voice of Canada's residential, commercial, industrial and institutional water treatment industry.


A Family-Owned Business

Just an ordinary family serving water to the communities in Ontario, Canada!

Alan Salvanera

The Dad

Rose Salvanera

The Mom

Rachel Salvanera

The Daughter

Abigail Salvanera

The Daughter