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This includes basic, reverse osmosis and alkaline water filtration systems.

This includes 2 & 3 gallon fridge packs and 3 & 5 gallon BPA-free bottles with or without faucets.

This includes shower heads and shower (Sprite) filters.

The ceramic dispensers come in blue or green design with white or blue faucets. There are two different types of hand pumps: Dolphin and Keri Pumps.


This includes 1 and 5 micron sediment, 10 micron carbon block, 10 micron GAC, 10 micron in-line post, 50/75/80/100 GPD CSM/Watts membrane and many more.


This includes faucets, 3 gallon storage tanks, screw-on caps and many more.


A special thank you to everyone who came out to our booth at the Taste of Lawrence! Congratulations to all the winners of our raffle!


"Great source for quality and reasonably priced Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline water."

-Google Review
"Makes a huge difference if you suffer from acid reflux!"

-Google Review
"My family and I have been a customer of Fresh Flow Water for 15 years now and it's literally the only water we will drink for the rest of our years!!! If you want to feel refreshed at every sip, get your water from Fresh Flow Water!"

-Google Review
"As a conscious customer, I am aware of the importance of hydration. Water is necessity of life, however not all water is necessarily good. If you want good water, drink Fresh Flow Water. My family and I have drank this water for more than 10 years. It is fresh, clean, and satisfying. Get your thirst quenching water today!"

-Google Review


Bring any size jug to our refill station for reverse osmosis and alkaline water. We have all our products available here for purchase.

We install under-sink and counter-top filtration systems in your home and replace your filters every 1-2 years.

We deliver five or more water bottle jugs within the greater Toronto area (GTA).

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