Fresh Flow Shower Filter



  • ONE-TIME USE Shower Filter (NOT compatible with the Sprite Replacement Shower Filter)
  • Clean, soften water - this shower filter significantly reduces the level of chlorine in the water, amount of heavy metals and organic substance
  • Shower head filter - universal shower filter contains several filtering layers: activated carbon, KDF 55, calcium sulfite, cotton and metal mesh, tourmaline balls, germanium ceramic balls. It’s a tested and effective composition for cleaning hard shower water
  • Installs in minutes - Inline shower-head filter is made for domestic systems with standard pressure and has universal connections witch work with all shower types.
  • Designed to last for 1 year for 4 family members
  • Revitalizes your body - The water from your shower influences your health, skin and hair condition. This hard water filter can improve the quality of the water and your health
  • Part #: QMP540-W/O HEAD